Ziggy Stardust olímpico

Despliegue de canciones, 86 en total, tres de ellas de David Bowie, no por nada es año Ziggy Stardust. Parte de ese tributo de Danny Boyle a la herencia musical británica en la inauguración de los Juegos Olímpicos, también incluyó un segmento a ese alien, con muchos Ziggys. Con la imagen, les comparto un texto que apareció en su muro de FB a partir de la idea de Starman:


"We played Our songs and felt the London sky resting on our hands..."

Nobody but the most churlish could deny that last night's Danny Boyle-directed Olympic Opening Ceremony was a breathtaking triumph.

The two hour history lesson, highlighting many of the things that put the great in Great Britain, spent a good chunk of that time celebrating five decades of British music.

The overriding theme seemed to be about innovation and how Britain has been so influential in shaping the modern world, in much the same way as Bowie changed the sound of modern music, and to some degree culture, with a string of innovative works and looks.

Bowie was acknowledged in the musical presentation with a section that had Starman at its core.

The piece began with a red lightning bolt and the TOTPs footage of Starman projected on to the walls of a house as hundreds of Ziggyesque/glam rock clones formed a huge star and the familiar refrain "There's a Staaarmaaaaan waiting in the sky..." boomed out across the arena.

Kind of: 'Nijinsky Meets Woolworths', as Bowie once said of Ziggy Stardust.

In the middle of the star, a cluster of clones huddled together and held aloft massive Aladdin Sane Kabuki stick masks (similar to those used on the Diamond Dogs tour), with the small modification of generous manes of shocking red hair.

The star people then stretched for the heavens in worship and looked skyward as three silver-skinned, bald Starmen were launched high into the arena, leaving trails of smoke from jetpacks in their wake and exploding like glam rock fireworks in a shower of silver glitter against the dark of the London sky.

Then there was a photo op with the huddle of Aladdin Sane masks for the beautiful girl who was one half of a young couple guiding the viewer along as they danced the decades. The Bowie section ended as it merged into Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Later in the evening as the teams from around the globe were marched around the arena, Team GB (dressed in a kind of 2001 flavoured white and gold space outfits), entered to the strains of the single version of David Bowie's *Heroes*.

It was a proud moment for the host nation's athletes and supporters alike and Danny Boyle should be pleased with himself this morning for a hitch-free, live spectacular that few would have had the stamina to attempt.

Obviously our montage below does the performance no justice whatsoever, but we're sure there will be many more opportunities to watch the ceremony wherever you are if you didn't catch it last night.

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