Esos narcisistas comprometidos

Como una cosa lleva a otra cosa y sino una cosa se relaciona con la otra, un fragmento interesante sobre mods y glam del libro David Bowie: Starman de Paul Trynka.

"it’s no coincidence that the founding troika of glam – Bowie, Bolan and Bryan Ferry – were all definitive Mods. (The only difference in philosophy was that the Mod ideal was exclusive, aimed only at peers, whereas glam was designed to be publicised – knowingly pimped, with an ironic giggle.) In 1964, the notion of preening, peacock males, who bonded with fellow males over a side-vent or suit lining, oblivious to the scorn of outsiders, was outrageous – and powerful – in the monochrome backdrop where simply wearing a pink shirt was a provocative statement. There were no famous role models you could point to, to deflect the scorn of the un-hip; apart  from your peers, you were on your own. Mod was the domain of the unashamed narcissist; and David Bowie and Marc Bolan became two of the most committed narcissists in London".


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